Monday, 4 July 2011

Georgia falling and the ginger pig

Following on from the entertainments of the summer residency at Blue Ginger, I have made two embroidered postcards.  The sewing machine was a bit stroppy, but manged to complete both without tearing my hair out.

I had hoped to catch up on all the missed postcards before the September Exhibition.  However, the topics from last year aren't on the Facebook list any more...but there was a title of 'something beginning with F'.  While I was looking for a photo for the 'Stitch in Time' topic, I came across a photo of my granddaughter as a baby, caught in the act of falling (she was at that stage where sitting up is a great effort - but the floor is very close), with her hair flying out like thistledown. So, Falling (Georgia) is my submission for this topic.

When we are the Blue Ginger Summer House artist's residency there was a hole in the grass that two of us got caught out by.  On the Thursday I put a squeaky toy in the hole, to mark where it was and act as warning.

Of course, no-one could resist standing on it and making it squeal.  As it contributed so much entertainment I thought an embroidery of a pig would be appropriate.

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